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Technical University of Košice


sep 2014 - jun 2019

Bachelor's and Master's degree at Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Economics. Bachelor thesis: Peer-to-peer lending market analysis. Master thesis: Psychological and Economic Dimension of the BMW Brand in the Spectrum of Global value chains.

Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

Erasmus+ Student

feb 2018 - jun 2018

Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria. Part of the Erasmus+ program with lessons in English and German.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Erasmus+ Student

sep 2018 - feb 2019

International Finance at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Part of the Erasmus+ program with lessons in English and German.

Technical University of Košice

PhD Student

sep 2019 - jun 2023

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Economics. PhD thesis: Advanced Approaches in Agricultural Commodity Price Prediction for Strategic Supply Chain Management using Data Science methodology.

Prague University of Economics and Business

Erasmus+ Internship

sep 2020 - jun 2021

Internship at Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic. Part of the Erasmus+ program with lessons in English.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


feb 2022 - feb 2025

Earners of this certification have a fundamental understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud. They demonstrated cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge. Badge owners are able to identify essential AWS services necessary to set up AWS-focused projects.

Work History

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe

Customer Finance Clerk

apr 2019 - aug 2019

Collection and payment allocation activities within CUF department, communication with the internal and external customers, working on other ad-hoc and regular requests/tasks.

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe

CUF Developer Junior

aug 2019 - aug 2020

Developing and delivering automated processes, scripting, server reporting services, developing BI solutions using Blue Prism, VBA and Python.

News and Media Holding a.s.

Content Contributor

jun 2022 - Present

Researching and producing articles focused on the automotive industry for Generating high-quality, engaging, and informative content tailored to automotive enthusiasts. Staying updated with the latest developments and innovations in the automotive sector. Contributing insights to enhance the magazine's coverage and maintain its reputation as a reliable source of automotive information.

Visma Labs

Software Developer

mar 2021 - jun 2022

Production of clean, efficient code based on specifications using Python Language and AWS, fixing and improving existing software, testing and deploying programs and systems, enforcement of SCRUM methodology rules.

Visma Labs

Data Engineer

jul 2022 - Present

Work on scaling and maintaining the inference APIs our customers rely on as well as the data platform they are based on. Extend an improve the developer tools we provide to our integrators - APIs, auxiliary SDKs and the developer web portal with access to QA tools and integration setup Help the data scientists on the team scale and automate our ML training pipelines. Explore new applications and workflows exploiting our ML stack with our customers.

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